Azzurra Primavera x Sam                                                                                                                Roma, 09/2021 

Last day at the beach // My 5 favorite things                                                                         10/2020  by Vianca Reinig

1. Looking out of a window, listening to music, while traveling from a to b (and most happily to the sea)  2. Pistachio ice cream 3. The smell of my grandparents' home 4. My noteventwoyearold nephew calling me “Ball” because we always play ball together and he names me after his favourite game (don’t crash this phantasy of mine, I won’t listen anyways)  5. The feeling of pride and relief (the player’s smile after the wholeoneminuteseeminglikealifetimetension having done a great job 6.55- 7.52: 6. The support from the dude on his right 7. Exceeding limited lists 8. Oh, kisses, Chanel lipstick and fresh figs from the tree

Sir Henry ft. Sam oder Who let the dogs out?!                                                                           08/20 by Julia Ritschel


You got to be crazy, gotta have a real need / Got to sleep on your toes, and when you're on the street / Got to be able to pick out the easy meat with your eyes closed / Then moving in silently down wind and out of sight / You got to strike when the moment is right, without thinking                                Pink Floyd - Dogs

Personal J                                                                                                                                    2019 by Sophia Voss 

Literaturhaus                                                                                                                              2018 by Vianca Reinig


Project Love // Self Made Shorty-Festival                                                                                   2015 by Vianca Reinig